Nina Roberts 1960-2022
Photo Credit: Dudley Edmondson

Welcome! I hope this finds you safe, healthy, and strong

Thanks for visiting. I want to open by saying it’s difficult for each of us to continue wrapping our heads around the sheer devastation caused by Covid-19, then the Delta variant, and now Omicron. Amdist these adversities, I send care and compassion to those who have become ill or experienced a tragic loss (wear your mask & get vaccinated!).  And our nation has been immersed in turbulence around building racial equity, voter suppression and targeting Critical Race Theory. We must each learn to challenge systems, change institutional injustices and more.  How?  We must all do our part, show up, speak up, do not tolerate hate and injustice.  Be brave, be bold, be inspirational.  Now is the time for new changes and transformation.  In the process, reach deep down to share empathy, be patient with yourself and each other, and be authentic is your exchange of love, laughter, fear, and hope.

Regarding my background and what you might encounter throughout my site, I’m honored that my research and leadership is highly regarded in the ubiquitous areas of ‘race, class, & gender dynamics relating to parks, forests and other public lands. I’m humbled to be nationally known for my work and acknowledged for my commitment to social and environmental justice as well as the new buzz of relevance pertaining to “justice, diversity, equity & inclusion”.  I’ve worked to break down barriers relating to diversity, park access, and recreation opportunities on public lands for over 30 years.  Another goal is for my efforts to provide leaders and managers in outdoor recreation & adventure, natural resource education, and conservation with new ideas and resources as they meet the needs of changing demographics, along with cultural shifts and trends across the United States.  

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Teaching is a great passion of mine and which classes I teach any given semester will vary based on department needs, any release time obtained, and other university commitments.  My courses taught range from leadership, urban parks and recreation, and strategic planning, to recreational use of national parks & protected areas and supervising interns & co-teaching the senior seminar. Teaching philosophy


Here you can find a variety of articles and papers I’ve written organized by key topics of constraints/barriers; diversity, equity & inclusion, social justice; parks, conservation & natural resources; women and women of color in particular; youth; and a few miscellaneous articles as well (e.g., diversity and risk management, program evaluation).
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This page provides information about the various studies and research projects I’ve completed since 2005, upon arrival at SF State.  Copies of reports, executive summaries, links to related resources about my research, and more, can be found here. I welcome you to review, share, and use with proper citation and acknowledgment.